Welcome to majix's Obsolete Stuff

As you can see, the design and the structure of the site has changed a bit. I have divided the whole site into four sections:

Hardware go!

The hardware section will give you information on various hardware, including computers and workstations, but other things may be added in the future that makes the life of a geek more interesting.

The hardware section also contains some more general pages for various architectures, for example the SGI Buyer's Guide.

Software go!

The software section is mainly devoted to the various operating systems needed to run the hardware.

You will also find the "IRIX Administration Guide" in this section that might help you with SGIs operating system.

Downloads go!

The download section will contain various stuff for download, mainly information and manuals I collected in my own attempts to find more information on my hardware. I fear that especially the documentation for old hardware may disappear from the manufacturers pages, so I saved some of them for other people seeking further ifnormation.

See the changelog of this site for changes and new additions.


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