Changelog for

[10/21/2002] Initial launch
[10/24/2002] Some major redesign
[10/30/2002] Added Purple Indigo²
[11/06/2002] Added Tips and Tricks
[11/16/2002] Improved layout, added some further tricks and pics
[11/22/2002] Started the IRIX Administration Guide
[11/26/2002] Added SGI O2
[12/10/2002] Added Personal Iris 4D/25
[12/20/2002] Updated IRIX Administration Guide
[12/28/2002] Added Teal Indigo²
[01/08/2003] Added SGI Buyer's Guide
[01/18/2003] Added pictures of Indigo R3000
[01/22/2003] Added some infos for the IRIX Administration Guide
[02/07/2003] Added a Case Mod for the SGI O2
[02/22/2003] Added a DEC 3000
[02/25/2003] Added first version of an SGI IRIS 3130. Check it out!
[03/02/2003] Added a NextStation Color
[03/11/2003] Minor changes plus a collection of SGI Casemods
[04/13/2003] Minor updates on many SGI related pages
[05/10/2003] Minor updates plus I added my SGI Onyx
[05/24/2003] Started a list of SGI vendors and some infos on graphics systems
[08/23/2003] Added my third Indy.
[10/09/2003] Added my Alphaserver 1000A.
[10/26/2003] Added a download secion.
[12/04/2003] Did some restructuring and added a review scetion.
[12/23/2003] Added my Alphaserver 800.
[01/10/2004] Added my digital Personal Workstation 433au.
[01/23/2004] Added some info for using Linux as an IRIX installation server.
[03/02/2004] Added my Origin 200 and Alphastation 500